MFC:Pre_process  v1.0
m_derived_types.f90 File Reference

Contains module m_derived_types. More...

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Data Types

type  m_derived_types::scalar_field
 Derived type annexing a scalar field (SF) More...
type  m_derived_types::mpi_io_var
type  m_derived_types::int_bounds_info
 Integer boounds for variables. More...
type  m_derived_types::bounds_info
 Derived type adding beginning (beg) and end bounds info as attributes. More...
type  m_derived_types::bub_bounds_info
 bounds for the bubble dynamic variables More...
type  m_derived_types::ic_patch_parameters
 Derived type adding initial condition (ic) patch parameters as attributes NOTE: The requirements for the specification of the above parameters are strongly dependent on both the choice of the multicomponent flow model as well as the choice of the patch geometry. More...
type  m_derived_types::physical_parameters
 Derived type annexing the physical parameters (PP) of the fluids. These include the specific heat ratio function and liquid stiffness function. More...


module  m_derived_types
 This file contains the definitions of all of the custom-defined types used in the pre-process code.


integer, parameter m_derived_types::num_patches_max = 10
 Maximum number of patches allowed. More...
integer, parameter m_derived_types::num_fluids_max = 10
 Maximum number of fluids allowed. More...

Detailed Description

Contains module m_derived_types.

S. Bryngelson, K. Schimdmayer, V. Coralic, J. Meng, K. Maeda, T. Colonius
JUNE 06 2019

Definition in file m_derived_types.f90.